Rossi: 'Snakes' Alerting Authorities Asking for Prohibition of the E-Cat

After Andrea Rossi announced that three more E-Cat orders have been placed by the parent company of the customer who used the 1MW E-Cat plant, there has been a lot of discussion on who the customer might be, and some questions to Rossi on the JONP about the subject.

Rossi said that he is under NDA with the customer, and can’t give any information about who they are, or where they operate — and said they don’t want to attract the attention of the blogosphere. When Bernie Koppenhofer suggested that the publicity from the customer talking about satisfaction with the E-Cat and cost savings might be very beneficial, Rossi responded with this comment:

Andrea Rossi
April 15, 2016 at 11:48 AM
Bernie Koppenhofer:
Our Customer wants to work in peace.
Just for you to know: we have evidence ( undisputable evidence) that all the guys of the family of the snakes have sent libraries of letters to all the possible authorities asking for the prohibition of the E-Cat because it emits toxic radiations. These letters, that have been sent from the usual and well known and very vociferous snakes, ( our attorney got due copies of them ) give evidence of the fact that they want to kill the E-Cat NOT because they think it does not work, but because they DO think that it works: otherwise they could not think to stop it sending authorities to check ionizing radiations OUTSIDE the E-Cats. Your intelligence will allow you to make the logic deductions.
All the other considerations depend on our product’s distribution in the market, let in peace our Customer(s).
Warm Regards,

We are well aware how the E-Cat is a lightning rod for passionate support as well as harsh criticism. We have seen two incidents in the past where nuclear regulation agencies (in Florida and North Carolina) have been alerted by individuals about E-Cat operations and officers have been sent out to investigate, so it’s not hard to imagine this being done in other areas.

I can understand that an E-Cat customer doesn’t want negative attention from government authorities, but if E-Cat doesn’t produce harmful radiation, then what would be the harm of having some inspectors check it out? I the E-Cat is a commercial product, that is going to happen at some point. You can’t keep them hidden forever, and I think it’s best to get this issue out in the open in the early days of the technology to hasten its acceptance.