"Cold Fusion Is News Again" (Inverse.com)

There’s an article from the Inverse.com website titled “Cold Fusion is News Again, But the Search for the Energy Holy Grail Ain’t Over” which looks at some of the current news in the world of LENR, and interviews Jean Paul Biberian and Ed Storms.

Article here: https://www.inverse.com/article/14355-cold-fusion-is-news-again-but-the-search-for-the-energy-holy-grail-ain-t-over

Here are a couple of quotes:

“This big question is, ‘Can you trust him?” says Edmund Storms, a nuclear chemist with a background in radiochemistry and nuclear physics. “His claims are not based upon good science, and many attempts to replicate [results he claims to have achieved] have failed, so we’re in a sort of awkward position on the path toward possible application. But the basic phenomenon is, I think, well-supported with palladium deuteride. Rossi could not be reached for this article.”

[. . .]

When pressed about whether or not he believes in Rossi’s work, Biberian laughed. “This is the most difficult question.” Rossi has said that after a month of analysis the state of his nickel powder has been altered, shifting from natural nickel isotopes – 58, 60, 61, and 64 – to almost entirely Ni-62. He claims a similar result with lithium. “If this is true, then [a nuclear phenomenon] must have happened, unless he’s a magician.”