Replicators Beware — Been There, Seen it Happen (Fredrick Hibbs)

The following post has been submitted by Fredrick Hibbs

Replicators beware. You are playing with fire, nuclear fire. Imagine something a million times more powerful than a mixture of gasoline with pure oxygen. Until you have worked out how to control it and spread the massive release of quite energetic positrons (beta plus radiation) over a period of months (like Rossi who themalizes them safely) instead of less than a millisecond (like Teller), stop, think, research, and only then proceed.

If you get the design of your experiment wrong then your DNA may be modified or even vaporized completely. There are rumors about one or two explosions; there have certainly been melt-downs – I’ve seen the pictures. When you understand how the E-Cat works you will realize why Rossi is so cagey with his comments.

However, his 30 minute interview with Ruby Carat is quite revealing. The wafer is at 1500C inside and at ~120C outside in the water. Only pico-grams of hydrogen are reacted. Metallic hydrides are a very special form of matter. Mixed with lithium (or similar neutron modifier) this Ni-H reaction is for real.

Bob Greenyer – you have been warned. Your MFMP cook-book should include a safety warning concerning the flash of radiation. I have researched this because I have seen it happen. I am not a troll, nor a skeptic – just concerned for your safety. Despite Rossi’s success, certification of practical LENR devices (even for power station use) may take decades. Get real folks! This is nuclear fire.

Fredrick Hibbs