Mats Lewan Calls for Group Effort to Get to the Truth on Rossi/IH Affair

Mats Lewan has posted on his An Impossible Invention site a call for a concerted effort among people involved in and following the E-Cat story to join forces in a truth-finding campaign so we can get a clear understanding of what is going on in the story of Andrea Rossi, the E-Cat and Industrial Heat.

The link is here:

Mats lays out some of the things he has learned from various parties (most of which have been discussed at length here) and ends with this challenge and invitation:

Even if we consider the probability very low for LENR to be possible, I urge that you honestly consider two things:

  • In case it really works, would you like a possible transition to LENR based energy in the world to be governed mostly by the work and actions of lawyers and lobbyists at APCO Worldwide and Jones Day?
  • Admitting that there might be at least a minor possibility that the E-Cat and LENR is valid, on which side would you prefer to be—those who fight for it to be used to get away from fossil fuels and provide cheap and clean energy to everyone on Earth as soon as possible, or those who are trying to stop it, referring to the possibility that Rossi is a fraudster, or at least slow down the transition in order to protect some powerful people’s interests?

Having answered these two questions, you can make up your mind on how you would like to contribute to the outcome of the affair that’s going on. And whatever decision you take, I strongly suggest that we all join forces to bringing out the truth and make this affair and its implications as visible to the world as possible.

I also suggest that all people who are working with replications attempts and believe that they have a positive result, try to validate the result with the help of independent institutions and make them public.

Lastly, I guarantee that I will protect the identity of people who contact me to share sensible information, if that is required. 

I am still puzzled by the numerous apparent contradictions that we are hearing from various sources, and I know I am not alone. One would assume that more will be revealed in the court case, and of course in the ERV report — but for the legal proceedings to play out could take years (e.g. it took 11 years for the US Supreme Court to finally resolve the Writer’s Guild vs. Google suit over Google Books — and I think we are probably dealing with something more important than the Google Books database here).

I hope Mats’ campaign helps uncover more pertinent information. Maybe it will turn out to be a parallel trial — one held in the court of public opinion on the internet.