This is What I Know for Sure (Roger Bird)

The following post has been submitted by Roger Bird

The following is what I am certain of with regard to cold fusion:

LENR is real:

Mike McKubre observed real LENR repeatedly at SRI:

Pam Mosier-Boss observed real LENR repeatedly:

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is sufficient for me to be certain that LENR exists.

As far as LENR+ and the E-Cat is concerned, the following 2 links gives me certainty:

The 2013 Ferrara report:

The 2014 Lugano report:

Beyond that, there are greater or lesser degrees of uncertainty, but no absolute certainty.

Did Darden and Vaughn observe excess heat? Probably.

Did the 1 year 1 MW plant fail? I don’t know, and this is the really big uncertainty.

Is Darden and Vaughn stabbing Rossi in the back? I don’t know.

Is Rossi difficult to work with? Almost certainly.

Is the value and certainty of Fabiano Fulvio’s testimony trashed? For me, thanks to this E-Cat bickering, certainly. Hopefully this is only temporary, but for now I cannot believe what he had to say.

I invite people to present links that show certainty or at least greater certainty on various aspects of the LENR and LENR+ than I have presented I am sure that I have failed to list many certainties. We need to keep track of these certainties and bring them to mind every now and then so as to not become discouraged. I will copy and save any links that improve certainty, and I will appreciate anyone giving us those links.

Respectfully submitted,

Roger Bird, aka bachcole