Infinite Energy Magazine Covers Rossi and Industrial Heat Case and Future of LENR (Updated)

There’s a long article in the latest issue of Infinite Energy Magazine written by Marianne Macy which covers the Rossi/Industrial heat controversy in quite a unique way. She has spent a lot of time with Andrea Rossi in the years before he came on the public scene in 2011 when he was privately discussing his LENR work with US government agencies. She has also met with Industrial Heat personnel in North Carolina.

She give some very personal details about her associations with Rossi (he had stayed in her home, she had met his wife and mother-in-law), and describes him as very bright, driven, tenacious funny and fun to be around. She describes early demonstration experiments which seemed to produce kilowatts of excess energy but she says there was no absolutely conclusive test done that proved the point.

She also gives a profile of Industrial Heat based on what she has learned from others and her own experience with them, and states that she doesn’t think it is likely Tom Darden would lie, steal and defraud Rossi.

I won’t attempt to summarize the article too much (it is very long), but I think it is very well worth reading. The lawsuit has clearly had an emotional impact on Macy (she seems to be impressed by both sides) and she talks about the shock she felt when she heard about it, calling it the “worst-case-scenario”. However she concludes that whatever happens in the Rossi-IH case, that LENR won’t be stopped because of all the work going on around the world. She concludes with a list of various research initiatives that are continuing around the world and writes:

There are people working all over the world, now with major support, although more support is needed . . . A commercial breakthrough of technology will happen, sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, the science progresses steadily. Whatever happens in the Rossi / Industrial Heat lawsuit, the best resolution is ongoing work. You can’t turn back the tide.

The article can be read here:

UPDATE: In a related article in Infinite Energy, Canadian patent attorney David French who is interviewed by Marianne Macy.

French examines some of the key issues that are involved in the lawsuit, but states that he does not want to pre-judge the case before the defendants (IH et al.) have made a response, and the plaintiff (Rossi) has responded, but he does give some interesting comments about how we might expect the court case to proceed. He thinks that there is at least a 50 per cent chance that the parties will settle before the case goes to trial.

The article is here: