Rossi and IH Conflict Over Production? (Hhiram)

The following post was submitted by Hhiram.

An interesting exchange on JONP was posted yesterday between user Gene and Rossi:

April 24, 2016 at 1:10 AM
Dr Andrea Rossi,
In past you already had written in this blog that you were working to make a massive production factory. It was more than three years ago.

Andrea Rossi
April 24, 2016 at 7:52 AM
True. Then talks with Cherokee began in spring 2012, they were very serious and I changed strategy, because at those times I was convinced that Cherokee was really intentioned to make a big production concern, not a financial speculation. I was wrong.
Warm Regards,

Could the origin of the conflict between IH and Rossi be IH’s decision to partner with Chinese manufacturers? Rossi has repeatedly stated that his goal is to establish a large manufacturing lead over the reverse-engineered imitation products that will inevitably follow from China.

The timeline of IH’s engagement with interests in China and the start of their conflict with Rossi (roughly halfway into the 1-year test) seems to line up.

As Rossi suggests, one possibility is that IH (and their parent company Cherokee) didn’t want to partner with him in actual production of E-Cat systems in the US. Rossi seems to believe he was misled here, and that instead of intending to partner with him on actual production IH was interested (perhaps from the start) in investing in production elsewhere (presumably based the E-Cat IP they acquired from Rossi).

If true, it seems understandable that Rossi would see this as a betrayal and be furious about it.