Saudi Arabia Approves New Sovereign Wealth Fund: Another Nail in the Coffin of the Fossil Fuel Age (Ian Walker)

The following post was submitted by Ian Walker

Hi all,

As many of you may have noted for some years I have placed market reactions of major players as the key method of establishing LENR’s authenticity.

The thesis is that if LENR is real then those with the deepest pockets will know first and react first. So one looks at what they DO, not what they SAY.

Accordingly I started with idea that major companies with their vast corporate intelligence capabilities would react first, so big oil would be likely to sell off their oil fields as they would inevitably become stranded assets.

Major companies with known LENR interest like Shell, BP, Siemens, Toyota, Mitsubishi, ST Micro Electronics, the banks, the Old Money Trust Funds, would all move out of businesses that would be affected and shift money in to liquid sources to be ready to take advantage. Energy companies would sell off their assets and move to leasing. Green assets would be sold off. Car companies would gear up for Hybrid and Electric car production. Banks would short fossil fuels. Old money sell up their fossil fuel assets. Companies would be very reluctant to invest in Nuclear or even coal and Gas.

That is what happened.

Today another nail in the coffin of Fossil Fuel Age was hammered Home

Look at what they are doing not what they are saying!

Kind Regards walker