Steorn Showing Livestream of Orbo Discharge/Recharge Test

There’s a live test being streamed by Steorn of an Orbo test system being tested.

Watch live video from orboteam on

UPDATE: The live stream is now showing here:

Here’s an explanation from the Orbo Facebook page:

This video stream shows an Orbo power cell in long term reliability testing.

The test system comprises of an Orbo power cell that is being shorted through a relay at an approximate frequency of 50Hz (50 times a second). The trace on the scope is the Orbo power cell voltage.

The cell is being shorted and is recharging approximately 4.3 million times per day. Prior to the live stream of this power cell commencing on 12th May 2016 the cell shown had been shorted and recharged in excess of 350 million times.

On the stream there’s also this comment:

“We have added a small test motor to the live stream, this is a prototype and has only been in lab test for a week or so. Hence there may be a few teething problems, all of which you will get to see live on this channel!”

I’m assuming that this testing is being done prior to any more Orbo products being shipped. I’m not sure how long it will take before they are satisfied that the products are ready. I’ll try and find out more information.