Interview With me356: Rossi Effect "Is Reality"

The following is an interview conducted via email with European LENR researcher/replicator who goes by the name of me356.

What first motivated you to get involved in LENR replication work?

From the beginning, I was interested in an alternative energy sources. I wanted to be completely independent from the current power plants. Later, with appropriate knowledge, I have started with a replications such as Joule Thief Ringers, static electricity capture, ground batteries, etc. With more or less success. One day I have saw LENR and work of Dr. Andrea Rossi. I was immediately impressed, but there was not too much time for a closer inspection. Finally replication of Prof. Alexander Parkhomov appeared and I knew I will replicate it. This was the motivation.

Can you say something about your name: me356? What is the reason you are keeping your identity non-public?

It took me about 2 seconds to create such nick. There is nothing hidden. Used only in LENR-field. I was aware of many reasons why it is better to stay in anonymity. I was sure that one day, it will work. It was just a matter of time. And for some people it will be a problem.

Can you tell us a bit about your experimental process — how much time do you devote to this work, and how frequently do you do experiments?

My business is taking me approx. 16 hours each day, including weekends. I can work always, if I want. There is nothing like finished work. It must be constantly improved – competition doesn’t sleep. This is giving me enough money for everything I could ever need. But without free time, it is very hard to do anything else. So I have to work even longer if I want to do something else or to make compromise (which has always negative impact). From the beginning, LENR experiments were pure hobby. Now I am spending a great amount of money of my company to buy everything necessary (especially materials).

Because we have very good experience in a worldwide business, we are working on a new products, we can potentially introduce also something different. Something such as LENR-based reactor. I am not relying on any investor or any donation, so I can spend more money on the research and if there is success and room for the product, it will become reality. If anything will fail, there is nothing to worry. We can work on the rest as usually. In this way, I can really realize what I am dreaming about.

When your talk about your business — What kind of business are you in, and is your LENR work part of your business, or separate from it?
I can’t reveal these details. When needed, additional workforce can be engaged. Soon fully working prototype will be finished, then the situation could change.

What is your motivation for continuing your work?

Cleaner planet, better world, no more fossil fuels, interest.

What are your thoughts on the “Rossi effect” (Ni-H-Li LENR)? Do you think it is real? If so, why?

There is no doubt about it, at least for me. I was sure it is working from the time I have heard about it. Recently, I have made many and many reactors that given strong answer where everything else was excluded (multiple times). I can’t be convinced more, it is reality. If this is not true, than something in the universe is really weird.

It sounds like you have replicated it, can you give a brief summary of what you found (temperatures, reactor type, COP, etc.), or maybe a link to a document?

Temperature (core) in range of 600 – 1500°C depending on the reactor. Reactor type – at least 4 different designs. There are advantages and disadvantages of each one. One is perfect in high temperatures, one in the COP, one can yield different kinds of products, one has very good heat convection characteristics, etc. COP – it is above 2. I don’t know the upper value, because very often reactor is melted in a few seconds. It could be even 10, but it is just guessing.

The first notable replication of something like an E-Cat was the work of Alexander Parkhomov in early 2015. It got a lot of people interesting in trying to replicate. What do you think of Parkhomov’s work, and why do you say for replicators not to waste time trying his technique?

Replication without knowledge of the process is nearly impossible. It is easy to build and very, very easy to fail. It is completely blind shooting. It is good for Mr. Rossi, but not good for replicators.

What do you think is an easier method than Parkhomov’s to get positive results?

Already published reports, that are not based on the work of Mr. Parkhomov. Unfortunately completely ignored. No one I know about tried to replicate it.

Can you provide references to the already published reports that you refer to?


Basically each report that was published is useful. I don’t want to point to any particular.

You have said that there are two critical parameters that are keys to have successful replications. Can you explain what those are?

Unfortunately no, at the moment.

At some point, will you share with the public what the critical parameters are — if so, when will you do that?
Yes, I would like to share details that will allow successfull replication, at least of the E-Cat technology. The main concern is safety. When I will be certain, that what will be revealed is safe, I will publish these details. LENR has so big potential that we can’t imagine it. I believe that it will be used everywhere.

What do you think is the key to a successful E-Cat style replication?

Patience and time.

What other types of LENR reactions are you attempting, and what results have you seen?

Current results are very good, but because of this, there are technical difficulties I have to solve. It is quite hard, but once all are solved, it will be just perfect. Then it can be dimensioned for 10W units but even for 10kW without any problem. Progress is very fast at the moment – it just takes a long time until required parts arrive to finish some improvements.

I am spending hours just with thinking about solution. Then days with realization to find, if it was really good. It looks like there is not a good solution at all. There is one prototype that I am very satisfied about, can be extremely cheap to produce, will offer stable output, but there is overheating issue in areas that can’t be too hot.

If there are things you are not ready to disclose, can you explain your reasons for not wishing to do so?

Safety, safety, patents, risks, many things to lose.