Industrial Heat Amends E-Cat Patent (May 5, 2016)

On the Italian website, user Nevanlinna has found documentation on the US Patent and Trademark Office which shows an amendment to the patent for Devices and Methods for Heat Generation which was originally filed by Industrial Heat as a WIPO patent on November 6, 2014, with Andrea Rossi listed as the inventor — See here:

This patent also has a USPTO application dated November 6, 2014, with Andrea Rossi as the Inventor, Industrial Heat as the Applicant, and Leonardo Corp. as the Assignee — see:

Also, there is a Chinese version of the patent — see here:

The original patent application had 33 claims, but this new amendment, made on May 5, 2016 (which is after Rossi filed his lawsuit against them), cancels all those claims because of dependency errors in them, and replaces them with new corrected claims.

The document can be seen here:

So really there is no new technical information in the patent, just some corrections, but it does show that Industrial Heat is continuing to maintain its IP claims in connection with Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, even though they have said they can’t substantiate Rossi’s claims about the invention. It would seem from this that IH does still see value in the E-Cat.