New Fulvio Fabiani E-Cat Photo

Thanks to Barbierir for posting about this Below is a picture taken from from Fulvio Fabian’s Facebook profile which looks like him standing in front of an E-Cat plant. This looks a little different from the photos we have seen in the 1 year test — although I suppose it could be a different angle.

Fabiani’s Facebook profile provides three titles:

Technical Director at E-Cat Project
CEO at USQL LLC Embedded Engineering
Consulente Progettista (Consulting Designer) at Leonardo Corp. (Miami-FL-USA)

There is a Facebook Page for E-Cat Project here: — the only information provided about it is that it is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I’m not sure how up to date Fabiani’s profile is, but he does post quite regularly on Facebook, so maybe this is a reflection of his latest activities.

Fulvio Fabiani

UPDATE: Thanks to tlp for posting the following comments and translations from Facebook

Some FF comments on his FB:
Sarebbe “io all’interno del reattore E-cat” durante il suo funzionamento
It would be “I inside the reactor E-cat” during its operation

Sono l’ing che ha progettato il sistema di alimentazione, controllo e sicurezza e ho supervisionato il suo funzionamento per più di un anno.
Are the engineer who designed the power system, control and safety and I supervised its operation for more than a year.

Vessela Nikolova: Concordo Fulvio😊

Il nobel è per Rossi… Sono sicuro che ci arriverà presto.
The Nobel is for Rossi … I’m sure there will come soon.

È un multi reattore che sfrutta un principio di fusione nucleare scoperto da Andrea Rossi. Senza radiazioni e senza scorie.
It is a multi reactor which uses a nuclear fusion principle discovered by Andrea Rossi. No radiation and no waste.

Dedico questa foto e un immenso grazie al Prof. Montenero, docente di elettrotecnica delle superiori che a forza di schiaffoni mi ha fatto capire le basi dell’elettrotecnica che oggi ancora mi aiutano nel mio lavoro. Grazie prof.
I dedicate this picture and a huge thank you to Prof. Montenero, a professor of electrical engineering superior that by dint of slaps made me realize apply the principles that still help me in my work. Thanks prof.

Si era acceso ma non emette radiazioni è questo uno dei punti a suo favore!!
It was turned on but does not emit radiation is one of the points in his favor !!

Barry West: You look good Fulvio !!! 😀😀. I was there too !!

Barry West

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