Reactant, Heating Device, And Heating Method: New US Patent Application by Mizuno, Clean Planet Inc.

Thanks to help_lenr for the following post, which I think deserves a thread of its own:

Those who miss me356 giving details about his alleged plasma-fusor-assited LENR — may consider now a similar LENR patented in USA by Tadahiko Mizuno The details are here:

Tadahiko Mizuno is a proffessor of electro-chemistry or so in Japan. See in Wikipedia his curriculum vita.

I said in other threads that nobody can stop these days LENR developments and the pioneer industry will be in Japan at least.

Here is the abstract:

Provided is a reactant, a heat-generating device and a heat-generating method, which can generate heat more stable than conventionally possible. When the reactant (26) that is formed from a hydrogen storage metal and has a plurality of metal nanoparticles (metal nano-protrusion) having the nano-size formed on the surface is structured to be installed in a reactor that becomes a deuterium gas atmosphere, and thereby hydrogen atoms are occluded in the metal nanoparticle of the reactant 26, heat can be generated more stable than conventionally possible.