LENR Energy Harvesting (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil.

The following discussion is a suggested value added line of business for those LENR based developers that want to make plasma phase LENR reactors more efficient and productive. It seems to me that a small fraction of the energy produced by a hot cat class reactor is generated as heat.

Other energy formats carry more energy away from the LENR reaction than does heat. These other energy formats are RF, visible and UV light, electrons, and magnetism. We know from comments made by me356, and Defkalion, that their reactors produce intense RF radiation. Rossi tells us that his Quark reactor produces intense light, electrons, as well as heat.


For a savvy value added LENR developer, a lucrative and robust technology can be developed and productized that harvests and extracts a large fraction of the energy output of a LENR reactor via rectenna and like photo voltaic means.

First of all, this errant RF radiation must be shielded to meet the requirements of the federal communication laws in many countries. It would be wise to convert that RF energy into direct current via highly efficient rectenna technology.

An antenna system can surround the LENR reactor to absorbed the RF signals rectify them and load the resultant DC current into a super capacitor. A similar antenna system can be integrated into the antenna cover to convert the visible light and heat into DC current. This can be done using newly developed nanotube technology just on the verge of commercialization.


First Optical Rectenna Converts Light to DC Current


A wide spectrum energy harvesting system can be formulated using fractal rectenna technology which integrates a high efficiency rectenna system over the entire EMF output range of the LENR reactor. The industry leading developer will produce a highly absorbent single fractal rectenna system that converts the entire range of EMF emissions generated by the LENR reactor, rectifies it though a comment wave to current conversion mechanism and stores the DC current into a supercapacitor.


The real money to be made in the emerging LENR market place is not in the LENR reactor itself, but in the energy conversion systems that make the energy output of the LENR reactor useful. Only a small fraction of the energy produced by the high temperature LENR reactors is heat. Most of the energy is in other EMF wavelengths and is currently wasted.

A rectenna system is a cost effective replacement to the pipe choked steam generators housed in a large 40 foot container. The light weight and highly efficient rectenna conversion system will make automotive power plant development easy and open up of huge highly profitable energy market for the LENR reactor.

For those skilled in the electrical engineering arts and nano-technology, if you are wise and want to profit from the upcoming LENR revolution, if you are really good at what you do and can produce a dominant product, formulate your ideas now and instantiate them into IP and hardware as fast as you can then submit your patents before the rush begins.

Axil Axil