QuarkX News Watch Thread (Update: Rossi to Write Report Monday, Publish Tuesday)

Andrea Rossi has repeated today that on Monday, June 13, 2016 he will be providing news about the testing of the E-Cat QuarkX reactors he has been testing. Rossi has reported that today (Sunday) is the last day of the testing he has been conducting with a potential customer/partner.

When asked about details concerning the QuarkX reactor, Rossi has repeatedly said that they would be provided when the preliminary testing was completed. I asked Rossi today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics whether the conclusion of this period of testing signaled the ending of the preliminary R&D testong for the QuarkX reactor and he responded “Yes.”

So tomorrow might be a significant day in the E-Cat story. I don’t know what kind of details we can expect to be provided, but I’ll certainly be paying attention. Rossi also said today: “Will be Interesting.”

UPDATE: (Jun 12, 2016)

Andrea Rossi just posted this on the JONP:

Andrea Rossi
June 12, 2016 at 6:10 PM
Robert Dorr:
I will. The test is finished right now.
Tomorrow we will make a short report. The day after tomorrow it will be published.
Thank you for your kind words.
Warm Regards,