me356 Reports LENR Progress

A few weeks ago we published an interview with LENR replicator me356 who had reported significant progress in LENR replications efforts, and that he was continuing to work on making his reactions safer and more stable. After a while of not reporting much he has posted on the LENR Forum about making important progress.

On this thread he makes some statements on the status of his work:

A few excerpts on this thread from recent comments:

“Progress with my reactors is on the good way. Now it is not that easy to melt it and even if it happen, the outer shell will survive . . . I can observe transmutations even by optical analysis now. So I will send some fuel for lab analysis, although I am perfectly sure what it is . . . in just few miliseconds even 1L of hydrogen can just “disappear” and is irreversibly transformed to other kind of energy (including neutron radiation). We can completely exclude lithium or similar compounds that can create a hydrides . . . Enormous COP can be achieved (100 and more).”

In a separate thread, me356 discusses how he would like to share his inventions, but would also like to protect his work so that others cannot patent it. Another excerpt:

“Because I have found phenomenons that are not described anywhere and technics that allow full utilization, I would like to protect the invention in some way.

“I really do not like patents, especially because it does not represent perfect protection yet it costs a lot.
I am looking for something that can cover the invention to some extent, so that it will at least prevent further patenting. For example opensource software offers licenses that can protect the software very well. But is there anything similar for inventions?

“Sharing information freely does not mean it can’t be patented later in some countries.

“Such protection will allow sharing my knowledge.”

I find the desire of someone who makes remarkable discoveries after a lot of hard work and dedication to secure some kind of IP protection very understandable, and also the desire to share excitement with others, without giving critical information away. I also understand the desire of people on the outside to know about the secrets, and to have the information shared, especially if that information can advance the cause of science and be beneficial to mankind. This seems to be a particular dilemma in the world of LENR which has been discussed at length in connection with Andrea Rossi.

It would be a very unusual person indeed who would make a remarkable world-shattering discovery, share it openly without any care for patents or securing IP and give everyone in the world the possible commercial advantages that could come from that knowledge.

There are many patent trolls out there who will try to take ownership available IP without compunction and without any effort on their part, and then seek to reap every benefit they can from it without regard to the source of the knowledge. It seems that me356 has the desire to share — but is looking for a mechanism to share with some assurance that his knowledge cannot be held to ransom. It’s a difficult situation.