Jed Rothwell on an Unpublished E-Cat Test Report that "Looks Like it Worked"

Thanks to Alan Smith for posting this quote from Jed Rothwell on the LENR Forum, which suggests that there has been an E-Cat test, presumably by Industrial Heat, or on their behalf (Jed Rothwell has just stated the test was not for Industrial Heat), when Rossi was not present. On the LENR Forum, Abd Lomax makes this statement: “What there has been, over and over, is “demonstration,” where Rossi manages. Not independent, ever. Rossi has never trusted anyone to do that.”

Jed Rothwell responded:

That is incorrect. As I said, there was a test conducted in the U.S. when he was in Italy. The instruments belonged to the people who did the test. Unfortunately they do not want me to publish any details. I cannot explain what happened or whether it actually worked. I have only a little information. It looks like it worked, but I can’t be sure.

In a later comment here he stated:

Yes, they installed all the instruments in their own location. Rossi had nothing to do with it . . . I don’t have much on this. Just a summary, some graphs and 6 photos of equipment. It looks like a standard HVAC boiler test to me.

It seems then that Rothwell is referring to an internal test, not meant for public distribution, but which he has been permitted to see. The interesting point to me is that he says “it looked like it worked” — although he doesn’t definitively say that it did.

Once again, however, we are not hearing first-hand from Industrial Heat; it’s through someone they have spoken to. (According to Jed Rothwell, this test was not done for IH)A question that I keep returning to is whether IH believes the E-Cat might work. The fact that they say they can’t substantiate Rossi’s claims is not the same as denying that it works. Maybe they just feel like they haven’t seen enough evidence to 100 per cent convince them yet, and it does seem so far that they don’t want to give up on the license agreement with Leonardo. Perhaps the test mentioned here is something that gives them reason to not want lose the license.