Rossi on Leonardo Scientific Committee Members

Andrea Rossi has mentioned that Leonardo Corporation has assembled a committee of scientific advisers to help with the development of E-Cat products and today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics he has given a little more detail about at least one member. Here are the relevant comments:

Andrea Rossi

Koen Vandewalle:
In our scientific commettee of Leonardo Corp. we have the honour to have a top level scientist that worked in the Caradache (sic) plant. Obviously we have always to learn . . .

Andrea Rossi

I agree with your analysis about the Hot Fusion. About the great scientist that hot fusion has given to us, obviously you talk of Dr Pierre Clauzon ( Commissariat Pour l’Energie Atomique, Paris- France) now also a member of the scientific commettee of Leonardo Corporation that soon will work with the QuarkX too. Here is a man from whom we can learn.

Rossi writes “Caradache” here, but I am sure Cadarache, which is a French nuclear research center (see run by the Commissariat Pour l’Energie Atomique (CEA) where they study nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and other alternative energy technologies.

Pierre Clauzon, mentioned by Ross,i is a retired nuclear engineer at the CEA, and also someone who has worked in the cold fusion field.

Andrea Rossi wrote this comment on February 16, 2015 on the E-Cat the New Fire Website here:

I just want to give information about CEA ( Commissariat Pour l’Energie Atomique) of Paris, an institution strictly in connection with Areva.
I had the honour to know two nuclear physicists that work there on the LENR, Dr Pierre Clauzon and Dr Jacques Dufour. They made a very good work with the LENR, visited repeatedly my factories in Bologna ( first) and in Ferrara ( eventually) and I learnt many things from both.
I am convinced that from them something important will be born in France in the LENR field. Dr Dufour also made a research on this field for Shell. I am in constant contact with Dr Pierre Clauzon.
By the way: he worked also in the Hot Fusion Caradache concern, but his intellectual honesty allowed him not to hold a hostile position toward my work, but, on the contrary, he has always been positive and collaborative. He also made a bet with some friends of him that within two years the E-Cat will be a commercial breakthrough. Don’t ask me how much he bet: an obscene sum.
Warm Regards to all,