Researchers Create "Dark Hydrogen" in Lab — Believed to Exist on Gas Giant Planets

With thanks to Jack Cole for posting about this on Vortex-l — an article on Gizmag reports about a new theory about ‘dark hydrogen’ on Jupiter.

Layer of strange “dark hydrogen” believed to exist on Jupiter-like planets

Some excerpts:

“Researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science have just produced a third version of the element in a lab, that they believe is found on gas giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn. They’re calling it dark hydrogen . . . the team compressed hydrogen under pressures ranging from 10,000 to 1.5 million times normal atmospheric pressure. During the compression, a version of hydrogen formed that didn’t reflect or transmit light, thus its “dark” monicker. This dark hydrogen was somewhere between a gas and a metal, and was able to transmit electricity, but only weakly.”

It’s interesting to think about different versions of hydrogen existing. We know that Randell Mills of Brilliant Light Power has a theory of the hydrino (a smaller hydrogen molecule) at the heart of his work. It is also believed by some that LENR reactions are caused by intense pressure of hydrogen molecules inside a metal lattice, so it does make wonder if there might be some relevance to LENR in this research from the Carnegie Institute.