Excess Heat Generation in Ni + LiAlH4 Sytem (New Report by I.N. Stepanov and V.A. Panchelyuga)

There’s a new report that’s been published by I.N. Stepanov and VA Panchelyuga, which was presented at the recent conference on LENR and Ball Lightning held in Sochi, Russia, which again shows excess energy production in a Nickel-Lithium Aluminum Hydride reactor.

The report is in Russian, but it’s not terribly verbose, so it’s not terribly difficult to discern the basic findings. The title is:

Preliminary Results — Research of Excess Heat generation in the Ni + LiAlH4 System by
Stepanov IN — Moscow State University. Lomonosov
Panchelyuga VA –ITEB, Puschino SRI GSGF, Fryazino

A link to the presentation in Russian is here: https://www.e-catworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Stepanov-Reaktor_2016-1.pdf

Some of the key findings are shown in this chart with the title “The Dependence of the Time for COP”


The caption at the bottom reads “Orange Line – COP = 1, the green line – COP = 1.21, the red line –
COP = 1.26. The maximum COP = 1.51.”

The last slide gives this conclusion:

“Conclusion: experimentally validated excess heat in Ni + LiAlH4-system COP ~ 10 … 50%.
The minimum capacity in which 65W – the reaction has been started.”

I would expect a more detailed report will be provided at some future time. Stepanov’s team published a previous paper of a similar replication in the Journal of Unconventional Science here.