Rossi on New Reports from New Plant Tests

As mentioned in another thread, Andrea Rossi does not seem to be upset about the projected time of the IH trial being moved to September of 2017. Leonardo has unilaterally revoked the license with Industrial Heat (I am sure this can be challenged legally), and is acting under the assumption that Leonardo has sole rights to commercialize the E-Cats anywhere in the world — which seems to have given him a sense of freedom in his work.

We are led to understand that Leonardo is working on two main fronts now: 1) The building of low temperature of E-Cat plants that have been ordered by the parent company of JM Chemicals; 2) Working on the development of the QuarkX reactor. I also believe the quest for certification is still underway.

Peter Gluck on this edition of his Ego Out website posted this “mini-interview” Rossi about the current state of his work.

Andrea Rossi: Leonardo Corp has everything it needs to win the Trial, when it wil be..

and: 442 days to wait? No problem at all, since my work proceeds independently from the Trial. Nobody has to wait for anything., the license to IH has been revoked, we are working at full power.

also:  The ERV Report? But you will see the reports from the plants we aredoing soon

Peter: the Quark X is marvelous and opens a new front..

Andrea Rossi: exactly and this is arriving before any verdict should have been set


I have given up hope of seeing the ERV report any time soon — not until next year at the earliest, perhaps forever, since the recent documents talked about documents being put under certain privacy protection in the trial. That’s a big shame for us outsiders, for sure — as it would be very interesting. However, Rossi here talks about seeing new reports soon. When he says they are “from the plants we are doing”, I presume he is referring the 1MW plants that Rossi said the parent company of JM Chemicals ordered.

If we see products operating in the market, then the need for reports to help us know if the E-Cat is all it is claimed to be will greatly diminish. I’m hoping that products make it out of hiding.