Early E-Cat Test Witnessed By Former DARPA Director Tony Tether (New Energy Times)

There’s a document posted on the New Energy Times website in which Steven Krivit posts some emails between himself and Tony Tether, former director of DARPA, who attended an early demonstration of an E-Cat by Andrea Rossi. The email exchange starts in June 2011, and the last message from Tether is from March 2016. You can read the exchanges here:


The most recent message is the most interesting as it gives some details about the setup. Tether writes:

“The experiment measured input electrical power (400 Watts I believe), the flow rate of water and the temperature rise of the output to the input of the water.

“There was a hydrogen source into the device and the mass of the hydrogen was being measured to make sure that burning the hydrogen was not a source of heat.

“The experiment went on for hours until we all stopped looking at it

“The input electrical energy to increased heat energy output was 25 (may be off a bit here but nothing that would change the conclusion) and the fact that this was true over many hours negated that some chemical reaction was the cause)”

I find this to be another interesting account of an early test, which gives a similar picture to other test reports of the E-Cat over the years. In an earlier message, Tether seems to be convinced of the validity of the E-Cat, but does allow the possibility that it might not be all it seems saying “if it is a hoax, it is a damn good one”.