Document: Isotopic Composition of Rossi Fuel Sample (Unverified)

A reader has sent me a short document which I am posting in full text here which looks to be an analysis of isotopic changes in the Rossi fuel following the 1 year E-Cat plant test. The title to the document I received was: “ISOTOPIC COMP NATURAL VS ROSSI”. I do not know who wrote the document, or who did the analysis, so I cannot verify its authenticity, but in the current situation it might be interesting to readers. I did sent the text to Andrea Rossi and asked him if it was legitimate.

He gave me this response: “No comment.I did not publish any analysis and cannot give any imformation anout it. I want not to comment in positive or in negative.”

The entire full text of what I received was this:

The natural elements Ni and Li were found in the sample. Their isotope composition is given in the table together with the natural composition. The numbers refer to percent.

                      58Ni  60Ni    61Ni     62Ni      64Ni     6Li       7Li
Natural comp  68.1  26.2    1. 14    3.63       0.93     7.59     92.4
Rossi sample 14.2   6.3       0.3     78.5        0.7      86.5     13.5

If this is legitimate information, and the data is accurate, then very significant isotopic shifts took place during the one year test which would seem to be consistent with the measurements taken in the Lugano test. I must stress, however, that I don’t know the source of this information, so it must be considered at this point as unverified.