A Lightweight Proof of the Minimum CoP during the 1MW Test (Paul Dodgshun)

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A Lightweight Proof of the Minimum CoP during the 1MW Test

If :-
1: The E-cat produces dry steam,
2: the condensate flow is 36m^3/day[5:], and
3: the maximum electrical supply is 250kW[6:],
then the minimum CoP is 4.48.

The three facts stated above, if proven, demonstrate that payment was due in accordance with the license agreement.

1: The variables, superheat margin, condensate flow and maximum electrical supply could be determined outwith the ERV system. The superheat margin is not part of the CoP calculation; it simply demonstrates that the steam is dry.

2: The E-cat is designed to produce superheated steam. The fins on top of the E-cat core, when protruding above the water level provide heat directly to the steam. The water level in the E-cat can be seen in the boiler gauge glass at all times. The water level is controllled and alarmed. Specifically, the E-cat is designed not to produce water.

The steam dryness is demonstrated by the superheat margin. This is determined by the difference between the measured steam temperature and the saturation temperature at the measured pressure.

3: The condensate flow can be measured anywhere between the production plant heat exchanger outlet and the E-cat inlet but there may well be preferred location(s). Flowmeters and measuring tanks outwith the ERV test could be used in combination.

If the production plant is an evaporator, then the byproduct liquor flow into the plant less the concentrated liquor flow out also measures the heat transfer into the production plant. This would crosscheck the E-cat condensate flow.

Heat flow to evaporate 36m^3/day with latent heat of 2683.3kJ/kg at 1.2barA is 1.12MW. More heat is required to raise water temperature to the boiling point at 1.2barA and provide a superheat margin.

4: The maximum electrical supply is determined by the electrical supply trip parameters at all supply breakers, which ever has the lowest overload setting. If the Electrical Input Power Peak is 200kW as stated by Hydrofusion, then the minimum CoP is 5.6 (6.7 at stated 167kW input power average).

5: https://animpossibleinvention.com/2016/05/16/rossi-makes-offer-on-swedish-factory-building-plus-more-updates/
The average flow of water was 36 cubic meters per day.

6: http://hydrofusion.com/ecat-products/ecat-1-mw-plant/ecat-1-mw-technical-data
ECAT 1MW Technical Specifications
Specification Data
Thermal Output Power 1 MW
Electrical Input Power Peak 200 kW
Electrical input Power Average 167 kW