Foreign Policy Article on Cold Fusion and the Life and Death of Eugene Mallove

Foreign Policy is an American journal published by the Graham Holdings Company, formerly the Washington Post Company, and is considered one of the premier publications for discussions of topics considered of international importance in such fields as politics, economics, science and technology. Over the years it has carried articles by prominent politicians, academics and diplomat.

I was quite surprised to find that it has just published an article by Davis Kushner on the topic cold fusion titled “The Coldest Case: Eugene Mallove gave up everything to pursue the holy grail of nuclear energy. Did it cost him his life?” The article examines in detail the life and death of Eugene Mallove, formerly the chief science writer at MIT’s news office, and founder and publisher of Infinite Energy magazine. Mallove was a strong early proponent of cold fusion and left MIT over what he thought were unethical practices at the institute regarding its involvement with cold fusion. Mallove was murdered in May 2004 while cleaning a rental property that his parents owned in Norwich, Connecticut.

I find the title is really quite misleading, since in reading the article it doesn’t uncover any information that would suggest that Mallove was killed over anything to do with cold fusion. Kushner’s article looks in detail at the circumstances surrounding Mallove’s death, and he has interviewed Norwich Police Department detective James Curtis about the case. Curtis was able to uncover evidence that pointed to Mallove’s death being caused by Chad Shaeffer and Mozelle Brown who were upset with Mallove for evicting them from the rental property (who were convicted of the crime in 2014), rather than the two suspects first arrested.

Apart from the details surrounding Mallove’s death, the article does a good job in chronicling Mallove’s interest in cold fusion. It discusses some of the important events and issues in the field of cold fusion, and brings the topic up to date, mentioning the current court case between Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat.

Foreign Policy is widely read around the world by people in positions of power and influence, and for this reason this article could be useful in bringing attention to both the history and current state of affairs in the field of LENR.