Data from MFMP Padua Cell Fuel/Ash Available (Bob Greenyer)

The following comment was posted by Bob Greenyer of the MFMP in another thread.

Padua cell fuel components tested with TOF-SIMS now alongside ash re-test

The independent researcher that previously did an initial test of the Padua Cell ash, has since been supplied with samples of the two Parkhomov fuel elements (Parkhomov’s exact LiAlH4 and Russian produced Nickel powder).
The testing party took on as much of the advice as possible given in the live document on our main but they were unable to sit the powder on Silicon substrate as the ion beam just moved the sample.

However, since each sample was on the same type of substrate any carbon based interference should net net out.
The raw data files are in the link.

No one at the MFMP has analysed this data yet – so any crowd graphing / analysis would be appreciated.

Bob Greenyer