Rossi: "I Confirm the [Industrial E-Cat] Production is Started" [Update: Production Currently in USA, Sweden "Soon"]

Andrea Rossi has answered some questions over the last few days on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the production of E-Cat plants, and I thought it might be useful to put all the questions and answers together in one post to give as complete a picture as possible of what he is saying about the state of production.

  1. Are you confirming that the production of the industrial E-Cat is already started, or you had to stop it for some reason? — I confirm the production is started.
  2. These are low-temperature E-Cat plants? — yes, so far
  3. The design has been finalized for these plants? — not exclusively
  4. How many plants are currently ordered? — confidential
  5. Can you build more than one at a time? — I prefer to reserve the answer
  6. When do you expect the first of these plants will be completed? — I prefer to reserve the answer
  7. When do you expect the first of these plants will be installed? — I will give information of it when it will be working
  8. How many workers are involved in building these plants? — enough
  9. Are you personally involved in production process, or have you delegated this taAre the workers involved in the construction of the industrial plants to others? — I am personally involved
  10. Are the workers involved in the construction of the industrial plants
    A from 1 to 5
    B from 5 to 10
    C from 10 to 15 — B

The picture I am getting from these responses is that the production is underway in a rather small-scale way, with R&D still going on. Rossi’s answer to question 3 above makes it sound like the final design of these plants has not yet been decided upon. Perhaps they are building reactors and other components first, and are still determining some of the details.

It doesn’t sound like QuarkX plants are being built yet, but the answer to question 2 makes me think that they would like to use it in the future. If there are only 5-10 people involved in building the plants still we are talking about a small-scale operation, certainly not the “massive” production levels that Rossi has said is his goal.

Still, this is how many new inventions are developed. Expensive, time-consuming handmade models are the first to make it into the market, probably with immature designs. Rossi has said his first customers will be pioneers who are prepared to deal with products that might develop problems that require fixes from his team. It will be a big day if one of these plants is publicly announced as being in operation and the current levels of deep secrecy are lifted.

UPDATE (Aug 4, 2016):
I followed up on the Journal of Nuclear Physics with questions about the location of the E-Cat production activities:

Has your production started in one country only, or in more than one location? (you have mentioned you would have production in the USA and Sweden)
Andrea Rossi
August 3, 2016 at 2:04 PM
Frank Acland:
Now is started in the USA. Soon will start also in Sweden.
Warm Regards,

Thank you for the answer regarding Sweden — does this mean you have made progress in securing a factory location there?
Andrea Rossi
August 3, 2016 at 4:02 PM
Yes, thanks to our fantastic Swedish Team.
Warm Regards