Matthey, Matthew, or Matth-less: The Question of JM Products Parent Company (Hank Mills)

The following post has been submitted by Hank Mills

Andrea Rossi has previously stated on his blog, the Journal of Nuclear Physics, that the customer utilizing the heat provided by his 1MW plant during the year long test was affiliated with a company based in the UK with factories across Europe. This was verified by the President of JM Products, Henry W. Johnson, in a statement included in the documents provided to the court as part of Leonardo Corporation’s initial complaint against Industrial Heat. The statement read, “JMC is owned by an entity formed in the United Kingdom, and none of Leonardo, Dr. Andrea Rossi, Henry W. Johnson nor any of their respective subsidiaries, directors, officers, agents, employees, affiliates, significant others, or relatives by blood or marriage has any ownership interest in JMC.”

Individuals on blogs and internet forums have debated for some time if JM Product’s parent company — if that is the best term to describe their relationship with the entity formed in the United Kingdom — is actually Johnson Matthey. If so, having a connection with a large, established, and extremely well respected company like Johnson Matthey would bring a measure of instant credibility to JM Products, their activity at the Doral, Florida site, and perhaps to Andrea Rossi’s technology as well. Although previous tests conducted by Andrea Rossi and additional third parties (Songsheng Jiang, Alexander Parkhomov, N. Stepanov, and others) seemed to verify the reality of the Rossi Effect, having a mainstream company like Johnson Matthey involved would be like a small privately owned computer repair shop having a contract to provide services to a company like Intel or AMD. Even without any form of direct endorsement, the connection itself would be noteworthy.

Until now, the evidence that Johnson Matthey had “something to do” with JM Products was limited, but highly interesting. For example, the logo of JM Products and Johnson Matthey were extremely similar; an alleged representative of JM Products at the Doral, Fl site claimed that metal sponges were being produced which are a product Johnson Matthey is well known to manufacture; the metal sponge process is one that would be comptible with the use of low temperature steam to be used in the leeching process; a Johnson Matthey plant that produces sponge metal is located only one state away in the stage of Georgia; the names of the two companies Johnson Matthey and JM Products were similar; some forum users have claimed to have performed research and determined that there are no other company based in the UK that fits the description of the parent company other than Johnson Matthey, etc.

Despite these apparent clues, Rossi has stated on his blog that they have nothing to do with Johnson Matthey and they only purchased a few things from the company. However, as part of Industrial Heat’s latest response in the legal battle with Leonardo Corporation, they have stated that Andrea Rossi and his lawyer told them that JM Products did indeed have a connection to Johnson Matthey. Furthermore, they published an invoice from JM Products to Industrial Heat with the letter head including the following description.

J.M. Products, Inc. “Advanced Derivatives of Johnson Matthew Platinum Sponges.” (See image below which is Exhibit 18 in Industrial Heat’s recent filing responding to Rossi’s lawsuit against them — all Exhibits can be seen here)


Rossi’s denial of any involvement with Johnson Matthey seems strange after seeing the above description. This is for a number of reasons, including the fact that the UK based company Johnson Matthey ends with a “y” and not a “w.” This brings up a number of questions which I have posted a few of to the Journal of Nuclear Physics. My hope is that Andrea Rossi will approve the post and answer the questions.

Dear Andrea,

You previously told me in response to a question:

“Andrea Rossi
April 24, 2016 at 4:22 PM

Hank Mills:
Your comment contains a big mistake: Johnson Matthey has nothing to do with us. We bought from them some materials but that is all. Please do not diffuse false information.
No further comments.
Warm Regards

Now, Industrial Heat claims that the customer sent them an invoice with the letter head identifying their company as,

“J.M. Products, Inc. “Advanced Derivatives of Johnson Matthew Platinum Sponges.”

Here are my questions:

1) Does J.M. Products have anything to do with Johnson Matthew? (Note, I mean Johnson Matthew with the name Matthew ending in a “w.”)

2) Does Johnson Matthew, ending with a “w” have anything to do with the large well known UK based company Johnson Matthey ending with a “y”?

3) Do you confirm that J.M. Products has a verifiable connection of some sort — as a subsidiary or affiliate — with Johnson Matthey, related to the production of a chemical product manufactured or processed at the Doral, Florida location?

4)If the answer to all the above questions is that JM Products never had anything to do with Johnson Matthew (with a “w”) or Johnson Matthey (with “y”), will you identify the company based in the UK that is connected to JM Chemical Products — which you described had facilities across Europe?

I think the answers to these questions are important as the overall situation becomes more bizarre and incomprehensible by the day.


I’m not an attorney or have any legal experience, so I don’t claim to be capable of decifering legal documents. But Industrial Heat seems to allege in their latest response that Johnson Matthey has no connection with JM Products and no manufacturing took place at the Doral, Florida site. I realize that if there is a connection between JM Products and Johnson Matthey, the relationship may be confidential and sealed with non-disclosure agreements. However, I personally feel the overall situation has reached a point that demands for JM Product’s parent company, owner, or affiliate based in the UK to be revealed openly.

The LENR “landscape” on the blogs and forums grows more toxic each and every day that the battle between Leonardo Corporation and Industrial Heat wages onward. With relatively little factual information to go on — for example the ERV report has yet to be published by either party — individuals supporting both sides strike at each other viciously like cobras ready to dig in with their poisonous fangs. Their snide remarks, extreme hostility, and often outrageously rude and inappropriate behavior (personal attacks) are doing damage to the entire field, potentially pushing interested parties away and making the whole field of cold fusion (LENR) appear unappealing to become involved with. For a area of research struggling to be accepted by a mainstream scientific community that has already expressed total contempt, this is totally unacceptable.

I have no idea how Andrea Rossi should address the issue of JM Product’s parent company in the legal arena; however, I have an idea what might help in the so called “court” of legal opinion. And that would be answers to the questions I’ve posted to the Journal of Nuclear Physics, along with some form of verification from the parent company — whomever they might be.

Please let me make one final issue clear before I close. I’m not specifically claiming one way or the other if Johnson Matthey is the parent company of JM Products or has anything to do with Leonardo Corporation’s customer. But with so much information being made available that would push the average person’s mind towards the idea, the true identity of the parent company should be revealed to prevent the overall LENR “bloodstream” from becoming totally septic.

This needs to happen immediately and without delay. Otherwise, the simple truth is that continual witholding of JM Product’s parent company only makes a bad situation, a community ready to fray apart at the seams due a lack of verifiable information, even worse.

Hank Mills