ECW Poll: Your Thoughts on the E-Cat as a Commercially Viable Technology

Some people have asked for this, so I though it might be interesting to put a poll out regarding readers’ current thoughts on the E-Cat as a commercially viable technology. For myself, the whole reason for following this story along its many twists and turns is because if real, the E-Cat would represent a very important technological breakthrough that could bring many benefits to the world.

So this poll is focused on the technology itself, not the parties or personalities involved. Basically what I’m interested in finding out is what readers’ current thoughts are about the E-Cat itself. How confident are you that it is a real and valuable technology?

Whether it will emerge into the marketplace is for me a separate issue, as it could indeed be a real and viable but for possible business, legal or political reasons it might not make it to market. So this poll is about your thoughts on the technology itself.

The poll is posted on the right side of the site, below the headlines on the right column