Hydrogenation of Nickel (Engineer48)

This post by Engineer48 is in reference to this article by Hank Mills titled “Thoughts on Alpha and Beta Nickel-Hydride Formation in E-Cat Replication” which was published here in April

To help to understand the different stages of Ni hydrogenation or the creation of beta stage Nickel Hydride I have modified this diagram to add state c1 that shows the H2 hammering the alpha stage surface H atoms into the Ni lattice to create beta stage Nickel Hydride that we need to create hydrogenated Ni.

This process is not as simple as the diagram.

Temperature and pressure of alpha stage and beta stage have not yet been fully disclosed. What we do know is that Focardi, Piantelli and Parkhomov operate their reactors at sub atmospheric pressure. Additionally Focardi and Piantelli, while not disclosing the temperatures they used during the alpha and beta phase hydrogenation process, do disclose the pressure varies from a low of around 400mbar (when they admit more H2) to a high of 800mbar (where they stop the admission of further H2). This suggest they finish the loading with a reactor pressure less than 800mbar and more than 400mbar. So we do have pressure ranges but not temp ranges.

If anyone can assist in what the hydrogenation alpha and beta phase temperatures were, that would be very useful information.

I and others agree that the main reason that DIYers fail to achieve excess heat is probably their Ni is not fully saturated beta stage Ni.