LENR Cities — Company in Liquidation

Thanks to georgehants for sharing a link regarding LENR Cities which appears to confirm that the startup which has tried to build an ecosystem that will help commercialize LENR, is now in bankruptcy and that the company is dissolved.

The link his here: https://www.shabex.ch/en/co/lenr-cities_sa_en_liquidation_CH-645.4.111.722-2.htm

The information here does look very final; a Google translation of the page states that court action has been taken to dissolve the company and it’s status is listed as bankrupt. Officially the name of the company is now: “LENR Cities in Liquidation”.

I’m sorry to see this development, as LENR Cities was making a serious attempt to bring LENR into the commercial domain. LENR Cities was not in the business of developing LENR technology, and so far commercial-grade LENR is not available in the marketplace and it’s hard to build an actual commercial ecosystem around just the hope and promise of LENR. I don’t know how you can get buy-in from clients in this situation.

I hope that the people involved are somehow able to keep involved in the field and somehow help with its emergence and development.