Bob Greenyer Reports on MFMP Activity at Aarhus University

This comment comes from Bob Greenyer who is now at Aarhus University in Denmark

Hi – it has been a punishing week – I have given lectures to rafts of post-docs/PhD student, meetings with professors and with 10 different Danish industrial representatives about Live Open Science, the MFMP and LENR. Been very well received and have successfully defended in front of Chemists, Physicists and the head of the Nanotechnology centre.

I have been able to advise from the understanding of LENR how projects can move in new directions that take on board the science of LENR.

There is a synchotron which could be of use. I have met several researchers that can do synthesis of catalysts and study of surfaces with a range of high-end techniques and over the next week I’d like to try and define the experimental plan for the coming period.

I have also had extensive meetings and 2 half day tutoring sessions with the Masters student that will be a constant in the work at Aarhus, he is Norwegian and I will properly introduce him in due course.

I have also taken an interview by a respected journalist at a Copenhagen based science publication that is considering running an article on Open Science and the planned MFMP experiments at Aarhus.

Moreover, we have been approached separately, and before we announced the Aarhus collaboration, by a group of researchers at a prestigious German institute that want to conduct experiments with us, more on that later.