Unboxing and Assembly Video of LookingForHeat Model T LENR Test System (Russ Gries)

Thanks to Pelgrim for posting about this video made by Russ Greis of RWResearch who has been sent a Model T test kit by LookingForHeat, the startup that is building LENR test bed systems and other supplies for replicators to use for experimentaion.

Russ is a well known figure in the exotic energy replication world. He is an accomplished builder of all kinds of devices that have been claimed to create anomalous forms of energy, and tester of these systems — and is committed to openly sharing his work with the world.

In the video below, Russ unpacks a Model T, showing what comes in the package, and also shows its assembly. So far he does not show any testing of the system, but this is a part 1 video, so I hope a future release will show some experiments with the system.