"Nature's Energy" — New Video Introducing Brillouin Energy

Thanks to Mats002 for pointing out this new video that has been produced by Brillouin Energy Corp titled “Nature’s Energy”. It provides an introduction to Brillouin and features members of the Billouin team talking about their technology. The features speakers are:

Robert Godes — Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer
Robert W. George — CEO
David Correia — Chemical Engineering Mangager
David Niebauer — VP Business Development, General Counsel
David Firshein — Chief Financial Officer

Here are a few interesting quotes from the video:

“It’s a reaction of certain metals: nickel, palladium with hydrogen”
“We’ve patented a control system that actually starts and stops the reaction”
“We bring pressures, gases, temperatures, heat transfer into one machine so that we can accurately measure excess power”
“Pieces of the hypothesis have been simulated at Northwest National Labs and shows that electron capture actually can be driven”
“We’ve developed an ability to actually control the reaction with our Q-Pulse technology. By doing that, we’re then able to consistently produce an excess amount of heat”
“What is currently an R&D stage will become a much more go-to-market, direct business rollout of our technology”

Brillouin_Energy_Corp_Intro_Video from Brillouin Energy on Vimeo.