MFMP Provides Update About Me356

LENR replicator who goes by the name Me356 has garnered quite a bit of attention recently with claims that he has been able to see significant success in creating LENR systems that can produce significant levels of excess energy. He has also reported the production of nuclear markers such as neutrons from his systems, and has expressed the concern that he wants to find ways to ensure safety.

There is also much we do not know about Me356. We don’t know his identity, his location and the details of his LENR work. Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project does know him, however, and has worked personally with him and shared MFMP equipment with him, and is in contact with him. Today on the MFMP’s website, Bob provides a status report regarding Me356:

Some excerpts:

He said in communications made between the 9th and 12th September 2016 that he is satisfied with his research and development.

He states that his reactor can ‘work’ (whatever that means) “for a long time without interruption”. Which in this field is no small feat as some researchers, across a wide range of variants, continue to discover!

He believes that it is using a new approach, specifically he says that he has not seen his approach described in other patents. I cannot confirm if that is the case. He feels this is “very good” – read into that what you will.

He says he is “still trying to achieve SSM (self sustain mode/production of heat without input power) for longer periods and increase COP ([overall] coefficient of performance) without harmful radiation”. Like the MFMP, me356 claims to have observed photons in a range of energies and neutrons, though, he has indicated that the neutron flux is higher if the reaction is overdriven/incorrectly driven. Again, I cannot confirm his specific claims.

He feels that after “some tweaks” his work “will be done” and at that time it would be perfect to precisely measure the COP.


Bob is careful to say that there are no guarantees here, and he can’t confirm that Me356 has achieved what he claims. I hope that Bob is able to visit Me356 and make a much more detailed assessment of his work.