MFMP Publishes Details, Seeks Input on New 'Clamshell' LENR Reactor Design

Today Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project posted this comment in connection to a new reactor design that he and Bob Higgins are working on.

(ClamShell) – A low input power, high temperature reactor

Given our data from the GlowStick series of experiments, Bob Higgins has recognised the need to try and reduce the input power in experiments to achieve high temperatures in an affordable design. The purpose being to reduce the divisor to make what is currently indefensible apparent COP figures, potentially meaningful.

In a test of the developing apparatus last week, he concluded this:

“This design meets my objectives of being able to get to at least 1100°C using only 200W of input (actually it gets to 1200°C). That means that if I get 200W of excess heat, it would be self-sustaining. If I got 100W of XH, it would be a COP=2. If the temperature goes too high with no electrical input power, I will blow on it with a fan and/or open the top brick to let the heat out. I would lose calorimetry, but a meltdown could be avoided.”

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The live document with full details on the design can be accessed here: