Rossi Working to Resolve QuarkX Safety Issues (Update: Outside 'Specialist' Brought in)

UPDATE (Sep 25, 2016)

Here’s an update from Andrea Rossi on what’s going on with regard to addressing the problems with overheating that he has reported below

September 24, 2016 at 7:17 AM
Dear Andrea Rossi,
I understand from your last comments that you resolved the problems you had days ago with the Quarkx: am I right?

Andrea Rossi
September 24, 2016 at 3:52 PM
I had to improve my knowledge of specific Physics getting the help of a specialist from an important concern of California who came here in Miami and lectured me for 16 hours: I learnt very much. Thanks to his lecturing I think I got the key to resolve the problems I had.
I am working right now and we are going well.
Warm Regards

Rossi doesn’t say that he has solved the problem here, but it must have been a pretty significant issue to have warranted finding and flying in a physicist from California to Miami to give private tutoring.


There have been some questions and comments in recent days on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the current status of the E-Cat QuarkX. Andrea Rossi’s responses there indicate that there are still some problems to overcome before it can be ready to use in a commercial product.

Andrea Rossi has said that the QuarkX is “Still in very good standing, but also still dangerous. Working mainly on safety issues now.” When asked about what the nature of the danger was he said that it was “Overheating” and “Peaks of too high temperature”.

Rossi has said in the past that the temperatures that the QuarkX reaches are so high that they have had to create a new material to handle the heat. On September 18th Rossi was asked: “Do you have problems with the materials to resist at the temperatures of the QuarkX? Is this an issue?” Rossi responded: “Yes, it is an issue, because we reach very high temperatures.”

Also this:

Is the current problem with the E-Cat QuarkX related to the software, hardware or both?
Thank you. Best of luck in court.
Bernie Morrissey

Andrea Rossi
September 21, 2016 at 8:48 AM
Bernie Morrissey:
Thank you,
Warm Regards,

So with problems still to be worked out, I wonder where this leaves the E-Cat project, specifically the industrialization. From the following Q&A today it seems to me like Rossi wants to include the QuarkX into the new industrial plants:

Are you making E-Cat plants without the QuarkX, or do you need to have the QuarkX problems resolved before you can finish the first low temperature plants?

Andrea Rossi
September 21, 2016 at 12:42 PM
Frank Acland:
To make am integration the upgrade is opportune.
Warm Regards


I’m not sure if he needs the QuarkX in the industrial plants, or if it is something he wants to do, but the QuarkX does seem to be a priority for him now for some reason. It’s possible that we will have to wait until these problems are resolved and the QuarkX ceases to be ‘dangerous’ before industrial E-Cats are deployed.