Conversations on LENR with John Maguire (Ed Storms and Frank Acland)

John Maguire is a journalist and interviewer who has been interested in the LENR/cold fusion field for some time, and he has conducted some interesting interviews with people in the field. He has recently published a couple of new interviews on his Pentamental show on Syncbook Radio,  with Edmund Storms and myself, Frank Acland.

Both interviews can be found here:

I would suggest that readers interested in the science of cold fusion would be much better off listening to the Ed Storms interview than the interview with myself. He has a wealth of experience in the field and has been participating as a researcher and experimenter for many years now, and knows many people in the field and knows the history very well. He is also an very clear communicator and this interview with him is another example of his expertise and experience in the field. As an example, Storms mentions in this interview how Johnson Matthey provided Pons and Fleischmann with palladium for their experiments that was specially prepared, and he says that even to this day we don’t know what was involved in that preparation. Storms has his own theories about what is needed for a Nuclear Active Environment (NAE) and he considers that microcavities or ‘cracks’ are very important for LENRs to take place.

Speaking for myself, I enjoyed very much talking with John, but also found being interviewed a bit uncomfortable, since I’m not an expert in the science of LENR, and also because I was pretty much thinking out loud in the interview. I am of course very interested in the LENR field and believe it has a vast potential for good in terms of science and technology. However, I still have questions and uncertainties and don’t consider myself an expert with all the answers at all. I also find writing about the topic easier than speaking about it, especially since there is a delete key! So if you think I don’t make sense here, that’s very understandable.

On a related subject (Speaking of Ed Storms and Pons and Fleischmann), I recently watched for the first time the documentary ‘The Believers’ on Amazon (it’s available for free viewing if you have a Prime account — see here: I found it interesting, particularly the coverage of the Pons and Fleischmann story. The filmmakers interviewed some of the key players involved, supporters and skeptics alike, and Ed Storms is one of the main interviewees in the film.