MFMP Proposes Live Experiment to Prove Biological Transmutation

Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has produced a new video titled “Life Changing” in which he discusses the work of Ukranian scientist Vladimir Vysotskii, who has found that biological transmutations are able to take place with the help of bacteria. Vysotskii reports that certain bacteria, when exposed to an unstable element — Cesium 137 (which is well known to decay over 30.17 years) — were able to speed up the normal decay rate by 30 times, and decay in 310 days and create Barium 137, a stable element. Bob says that it appears that the bacteria are able to “push” a proton into the element and speed up the change.

Bob is proposing conducting a live experiment to show this phenomenon occuring. The experiment is outlined in the video below.

Today Bob wrote this in a commment:

A potential experiment to establish both LENR, biological transmutations and much more…

Vladimir Vysotskii has agreed a sum for us to replicate with assistance from his team over a few months. We will look to socially fundraise this, probably from KickStarter

Bob says that this experiment will be “indisputable” evidence of a naturally occurring LENR process — which physics says cannot happen — and if people doubt what they are seeing on a computer screen, they will be able to visit the location of the experiment and examine it out with their own instruments. I expect we’ll be hearing more about this very interesting proposal.