New Brilliant Light Power Patent Application for Power Generation Systems

Thanks to artefact for providing this link to a new patent application that has been published on the US Patent and Trademarks Office site:

The title is “Power Generation System and Methods Regarding Same.”  Here is the abstract:

A solid fuel power source that provides at least one of thermal and electrical power such as direct electricity or thermal to electricity is further provided that powers a power system comprising (i) at least one reaction cell for the catalysis of atomic hydrogen to form hydrinos, (ii) a chemical fuel mixture comprising at least two components chosen from: a source of H2O catalyst or H2O catalyst; a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; reactants to form the source of H2O catalyst or H2O catalyst and a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; one or more reactants to initiate the catalysis of atomic hydrogen; and a material to cause the solid fuel to be highly conductive, (iii) at least one set of electrodes that confine the fuel and an electrical power source that provides a short burst of low-voltage, high-current electrical energy to initiate rapid kinetics of the hydrino reaction and an energy gain due to forming hydrinos, (iv) a product recovery systems such as a condenser (v) a reloading system, (vi) at least one of hydration, thermal, chemical, and electrochemical systems to regenerate the fuel from the reaction products, (vii) a heat sink that accepts the heat from the power-producing reactions, (viii) a power conversion system that may comprise a direct plasma to electric converter such as a plasmadynamic converter, magnetohydrodynamic converter, electromagnetic direct (crossed field or drift) converter, direct converter, and charge drift converter or a thermal to electric power converter such as a Rankine or Brayton-type power plant.

I have to say that on scrolling through this document, it’s a rather daunting patent to read. Randell Mills, BLP’s CEO, is listed as the inventor and he is a very prolific writer when it comes to describing his ideas. The patent application is long, detailed and complex and would take a lot of time and background knowledge to make sense of it.

There is an underlying assumption in the patent about the existence of hydrinos (hydrogen in a lower energy state), which is a controversial proposal from the perspective of mainstream science. There are over 400 references to hydrinos in the patent application, and they form the basis of Randell Mills’ theoretical work. It will be interesting to see if the patent office is receptive to the idea.