New LENR Experiment Report from Tom Conover

The document and comments have been submitted to me by Tom Conover, aka Wizkid

Control Tests & Live Run Results: Tests Performed 10/09/2016 thru 10/10/2016

To the readers: I read the temperature from 2 to 20 times per second. The way that I dropped the temperature during the run was that I controlled the wattage, based on benchmark temperatures I had experimentally determined. Even simpler than that, I just drop 10ms off the ON time every 5 minutes, because I wanted to find the sweet spot for the ignition point, and it had to be up high.

I started the with 240ms on, 16ms off, and kept the 16ms off static. My results were astonishing to me, I hope you enjoy reading the data half as much as I did. I had two experiments that showed more ‘anomalies’, but I resisted bothering you with them, even though they have pretty copper deposits clearly showing in the fuel cells that were destroyed.

Both of these experiments were high temp burnouts at the end, so I had to hunt the change in my software that was in charge of the function down and fix the problem. A day in the life…

Anyway, I ran another benchmark test on a brand new tube with my new algorithm, and it didn’t burn the tube out . . . finally! My new method is to start at 5 yard line on the field, and play backwards to the kickoff area. So I start very very high in temp, then drop 50C, then kick it up again (but with less and less wattage), and so on and so forth, all the way back to touch-back.

It is a strange way to try, seems to go against logic, but it also seems very much to work! The best part of this method is that I am (almost) convinced that I have seen actual LENR events in my lab, which has been a dream for me since 2011. The LENR ignition on this pre-loaded fuel cell starts immediately! I am so very happy that my daughter just happened to be visiting us, and she had lots of fun with me as we watched the scoreboard together!

This time, both of my “Live” tests tried to stop the experiment by burning out to connecting wire opposite from the K-Type sensor. The first experiment went to the finish line on zero power, but not before winning the football game! My daughter was here with me and I told her the players just left the field and went into the locker room to celebrate at half time, because the other team couldn’t even get off the bench.

The next test also burned the electrical power wire at almost the exact same time in the test. (Strange) I was watching the experiment progress this time, and as only a 1/4″ section of the lead was lost from the end of the lead, I simply reconnected the clip using very heavy leather gloves. (and I didn’t stop the experiment). So there is a big dip in this chart, but at least they went back into the game.

My tech buddy genius says my hardware needs work, and that I gotta beef it up. Dah! He did like the charts though, (very much!), and the story they tell all by themselves. So, I will be working on beefing up my hardware (again!) and preparing for more positive results I hope. It’s been a long time coming, but this bad boy was more than one watt over unity.

Anybody out there wanna try to compute the COP for me based on the Placebo tests please? Please note that I provide the fuel formula, mixing method, method for hydrogenation of the fuel etc… Don’t forget to heat the nickel powder to at least 250c for 30 minutes or so BEFORE you mix the fuel, to get the water out. You fellow replicators – hope this encourages you to stay in the game!

Enjoy, and thank you for sharing my interests.