Rossi: Litigation to Last ‘at Least One Year’

If anyone is hoping for a speedy conclusion to the Rossi v. Darden et al court proceedings, Andrea Rossi doesn’t share that expectation. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics today he was asked how long he though the litigation would last, and his response was “at least one year”.

The proceedings have become more complex since Industrial Heat has introduced counter-claims in the case, which in some ways turns this case into two trials at the same time. Also, there are multiple defendants/counter-claimees on both sides of the case, which adds another element of complexity.

The most recent activity in the case has surrounded the counter-claims that Industrial Heat, et al have brought against Leonardo Corp. and affiliated third parties (Johnson, Penon, Fabiani, USQL, and Bass). Rossi’s team has responded to the counter-claims, moving to dismiss them, and Industrial Heat has responded to the motion stating why they should stand. Some of the third parties have also moved that the counter-complaints against them specifically should be dismissed. There are a growing number of attorneys involved now, as third parties are now represented by their own counsel. This could end up being a very expensive trial, and Rossi’s prediction of ‘at least one year’ might be on the conservative side.

So far, there has been little new evidence introduced by either party; most of the discussion so far has been over legal points which can be rather dry for the average reader (like me), and I really don’t have the ability or desire to get into a detailed analysis of the proceedings so far.

For people wanting to study the details of the case, there is a folder on Google Drive which is open to the world which contains all the documents filed so far here: