Rossi: QuarkX Commercialization Depends on 5 Sigma

We mentioned recently here that Andrea Rossi is focusing hard on obtaining a 5 Sigma rating for his Quark X reactor (5 Sigma in physics being a probability that an event happening the same way every time is 99.9999%). It seem now that there is a very practical reason for striving to reach this goal: Rossi confirms that it has been set for him by a current partner. Here are some Q&As today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

October 19, 2016 at 4:05 PM
Dear Andrea,

Based on your comments here recently I am trying to get a clearer picture of what is going on at Leonardo Corp. currently, and what might be going on in the future.

1. You mention that your goal is to reach 5 sigma. Is this the focus of your work at the moment? AR: yes
2. Is 5 sigma a goal your partner has a requirement for, before a new level of support is provided? AR: yes
3. The demonstration/presentation you talk about: Will this only happen if 5 sigma is reached? AR: yes
4. Do you think reaching 5 sigma will trigger mass production of the QuarkX reactors? AR: yes
5. Is 5 sigma connected also with the low temperature E-Cat plants? AR: no

Thank you very much,

Frank Acland

So it seems these responses that new funding will be released by the unnamed partner only if 5 sigma is reached. It does not appear that long-awaited ‘robotic production lines’ are set up yet; they will be contingent on the performance of the QuarkX.

If Rossi’s year-long test is anything to go by, we can imagine that he will now be driven to keeping the QuarkX on track to reach the 5 sigma goal (when he doesn’t have to deal with legal matters).

When does Rossi expect this goal to be reached? There was one comment on the JONP in which he responded positively to question about whether the presentation of the QuarkX might be in February 2017. We’ll have to wait and see about that, of course.