New Exhibits Posted in Rossi v. Industrial Heat Case — Includes List of Plant Visitors, and Test Plan by Penon

Some new documents have been posted in the Rossi v. Industrial Heat case. My time is limited today so I don’t have time to go into a long analysis I will post the link to access the documents here here  and open this thread for discussion. The new documents are responses from the defendants to requests from Rossi’s team for documents, communications, files and other information pertaining to the case.

For the most part the documents consist of objections raised by Industrial Heat’s lawyers to the requests on the grounds that they are burdensome, broad and not relevant. Rossi’s attorneys have made very detailed requests for information connected with the case. The new documents are Exhibits 70-1, 70-2, 70-3, and 70-4 located at the link below.

On first reading, the most noteworthy information is found in Exhibit 70-1. This document includes a list of people with knowledge of anything connected with the pleadings, and a list of people  who visited the plant during its operation.

Also included is a document that appears to have been written by Fabio Penon titled “E-CAT MW1 ENERGY PLANT IN MIAMI — TEST PLAN” which seems to have been written before the test started, giving a description of the plant and the testing he proposed to do.