Report from Brilliant Light Power Industry Day Event (Tom Whipple) Update: Video and Slideshows Now Posted by BLP

UPDATE (Oct 29, 2016)

A video of the Brilliant Light Power SunCell reactor in action has been posted, along with slideshows and other documents from the recent Industry Day event. The video is below:

Slideshows and presentations from the Industry Day can be found at this link:

The following post has been submitted by Tom Whipple.

I was up at BLP yesterday for their most recent demonstration and the unveiling of the new version of the SunCell. This time the event was slightly different in that it was called “Industry Day” and featured a range of speakers, not just Mills. BLP has formed outside advisory committees and is clearly planning to be ready to market SunCells by the end of 2017 or soon thereafter — if all goes well. Mills seems to have gotten by the electrode melting problem with a very elegant solution involving two charged streams of silver and now has prototypes running in his labs for long periods. They are shut off at night. As there are no moving parts, he sees no reliability problems. They have designed these things to run non-stop for 20 years.

Among the speakers were senior reps from the company that is making the photovoltaic dome to go around the black body radiator and from the group that will make the initial batch of prototypes that are to be sent out for testing in H2. The prototype company is also getting the required safety permits and approvals to market the SunCell. The company rep told me they have the capability to produce these by the thousands, but are too small to get into the millions as engineering, not manufacturing, is their business. The schedule calls for the first test of the SunCell with photo voltaic cells and electrical output in January. There will other iterations of additional cells later in the winter that will move the output higher as they add more sophisticated PV cells.

If past practice is followed, all this should be up on the web in a couple of days. The transparency of BLP is orders of magnitude above Rossi. BLP is keeping a few details of the silver/hydroxide mixture secret and say the exact mixture is very sensitive to making a good “sun”.

In the audience of about 80 were reps from companies interested in partnering with BLP to manufacture and market the device. BLP is clearly in the marketing stage and not just R&D which is nearly completed.

In sum, Mills seems to be making good progress. After seeing who was in the audience, etc etc. I have trouble believing that Mills and his verifiers, who were there and talked about their findings, are not telling the truth. it seems clear to me that we will have to rewrite the Quantum Mechanics text books someday — about the time Mills gets his Nobel for the the greatest advance in Physics since relativity.

Where all this puts Rossi and LENR is a good question. If the SunCell works as advertised, and is ready for market within the next 18 months he will have a major head start with a device that can produce lots of electricity.

There are too many aspects to all this to include here. It would take a book. For example, the SunCell does not seem to take more than 20 watts to run after it melts the silver which can stay melted for 20 years. If the cell is producing megawatts of power, the notion of a COP is simply silly. The ratio is hundreds of thousands to one.

All I can do for now is to suggest that you take a careful look at whatever gets posted about this on the BLP website. I hope this helps your thinking about where all this is going. I hate to say this, but electricity produced from water (extracted from the atmosphere) seems to be a better potential seller than a heat-producing QuarkX.

Tom Whipple
Arlington, VA