New QuarkX Dimensions Show Decreased Power Density

Recently on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Andrea Rossi responded to a question about the current dimensions of the QuarkX reactor. His response was:

Andrea Rossi
November 4, 2016 at 11:35 AM
Wilson Ramos:
length 2 cm
Diam 0.6 cm
Rating 20 W
Warm Regards

This compares with the internal report published by Andrea Rossi on June 14, 2016 where the following dimensions/power rating were given:

length 30 mm
diam 1 mm
Energy produced: 100 Wh/h
Energy consumed: 0.5 Wh/h

As a follow-up on the JONP, Xavier Pitz made this interesting calculation:

Xavier Pitz
November 5, 2016 at 3:58 AM
Dear Andrea,

I’m a little puzzled by your answer to Wilson Ramos.
I calculated a volume to power ratio of 0.11314cm^3/W for those 20W QuarkX modules. (L=2 D=0.6)
From my previous calculation this ratio was 0.00094cm^3/W for the previous 100W QuarkX modules. (L=3 D=0.1)

I’m not saying that the 20W version is not impressive anymore but I’m just trying to understand, what does this 120x increase of volume accounts for ?

Is it the price of the sigmas ?

Greetings from France,


Andrea Rossi responded to Xavier simply, “Yes.”

Rossi has said that they were having problems with the early version of the QuarkX overheating, and that following the visit of an expert engineer from California as a consultant they had made it smaller, and reduced the power rating. Rossi has said that this change has solved the overheating problem so far.

Also, Rossi has said that they are shooting for the goal of 5 sigma in order to meet some important condition set by his partner (a manufacturer), and so his response to Xavier above suggests that power density has been sacrificed in order meet these requirements.