Race For New Energy Technology Covered in Chemical and Engineering News (LENR, SunCell, E-Cat)

Thanks to a number of people who have sent links about a new article published in the magazine Chemical and Engineering News, a publication of the American Chemical Society. The article is written by Steven K. Ritter an is titled “Cold fusion died 25 years ago, but the research lives on: Scientists continue to study unusual heat-generating effects, some hoping for vindication, others for and an eventual payday”


It’s a fairly lengthy article which covers recent developments in the field, focusing on Randell Mills’ work with the SunCell at Brilliant Light Power, Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, and the field of LENR in general.

After lengthy discussions about what is going on in the field, the article concludes with a typical refrain:

“All the discussions about cold fusion and LENR end that way: They always come back to the fact that no one has a commercial device on the market yet, and none of the prototypes seem workable on a commercial scale in the near future. Time will be the ultimate arbiter. ”

I think the most significant thing here is that this is from a publication of the American Chemical Society, the premier professional/academic body in the field of Chemistry, and the subject is treated seriously. This article will likely be read by chemistry professionals the world over and could lead to further interest in the field by people in business, industry and the academic world.