Rossi: Up to 800,000 Pages to Read in Connection With Lawsuit

Andrea Rossi reports that he is now back to working 16 hour days in order to cover his work on the R&D with the QuarkX, and to handle the workload connected with the lawsuit against Industrial Heat.

This last week he said that he had received a 1,000 page document from his attorneys to study, and that he would later get a 20,000 page one. Later he made this comment when asked how many pages he expected to study during the litigation:

Andrea Rossi
November 11, 2016 at 1:39 PM
Francisco Williams:
If I make a projection, assuming an aritmetic progress, about 100 000. Plus the raw data of the ERV: after 352 days, 24/7, of all the parameters taken in consideration during the test, the number of pages I expect, based on my experience, will be between 600 000 and 800 000, fortunately in electronic format. Maybe I am wrong, though. I hope will be less, because I want to go through them. I want to analize every single paper to give my Attorneys the maximum possible help. Fortunately, I have a good memory, that helps to connect the different paper fields. My Attorneys, on their side, are making a fantastic job. We are a Team.
Warm Regards,

So far, most of the documents that have been made available have been long on legalese, short on evidence regarding the E-Cat plant test. It has mostly been legal jousting between the two parties. If the papers he is reading are more of the same it would be mind-numbing (at least for me) to read every page. I think the raw data would be much more interesting.

This is turning out to be a marathon case, but so far, Rossi does not seem to be deterred by the amount of work involved.