LENR Introduction Presentation (Marc Ellenbroek)

Hi all,

I believe that the word of LENR and Cold Fusion must be spread, to add momentum to this beautiful technology and to get it developed. The more people know about it, the more it gets accepted. I am fully convinced that LENR is real and for 95% sure that Rossi has what he says. To tell people about it, we may be able to interest more and more scientists, politician and people with influence and gain momentum.

Unfortunately, LENR/Cold Fusion is hardly covered by the Mass Media, so I think we should do it. I have been giving LENR presentations for quite a while. Now I have translated my PowerPoint presentation into English and I hope that many of you will use this and help me to tell it to your peers, colleagues, family, friends and whoever is interested.

I didn’t ask anyone for permission to use the pictures and information I got from the internet, so this presentation should not be used on mass media.

For the presentation, you will find some help included in the notes and it is important to prepare yourself properly because it is not simple stuff. You can change this presentation for your own audience and the level of your knowledge. It is just a help to start it up and help me to spread the word.

I know my English is not perfect and I welcome feedback to improve it. I will try to keep the presentation updated.
Please access this link, which allows you to access and download the presentation:


Thanks to all who want to help me!

Mark Ellenbroek, The Netherlands