Rossi: US Military Engineer Performing Third Party Testing on the QuarkX

Andrea Rossi has been posting on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about some new testing that has been taking place at Leonardo laboratory. Here are some of the comments and Q&As from the JONP about the testing.

Q: Can you tell us more abut the test on course today with the QuarkX? AR: It is a measurement made by a third party: it is confirming our data so far.

1. Is this third party a potential customer or partner? AR: no, he is an engineer from a military concern of the USA.

2. What was tested, and how long did the test take? AR: is on course a three days test of the COP and the stability, which means reliability

3. What has been their response to what they have witnessed? AR: so far so good ( hoping this is not a case in analogy with the guy arrived at the height of the 3rd floor after falling from the 10th floor )

4. What do you think will be impact on commercialization of your technology? AR: substantial

Q: Dr. Rossi, some people might have concerns about being involved with the military, clearly you do not feel this way. Obviously they can contribute enormously to the development of your reactors, though they might introduce complexities such as secrecy. What is your opinion on working with the military? Do you see them as simply customers like any other? AR: The engineer who is working with us is not a customer, he is a very skilled man from whom I am learning and that is making a fantastic job with the measurements. I prefer military engineers, because their preparation is superior in average.

Q: I hope that the military will not seek to have exclusive access to your products. Do you think that is a possibility? AR: no

1 – Do you trust this third party individual implicitly and whole heartedly? AR: yes

2 – Will this individual witness the construction of the Quark (s) that are too be tested? AR: yes

3 – Will a control or “dummy” Quark be utilized in the testing as a real time comparison? AR: useless: every system with a COP = 1 or less is comparable

4 – Will he be informed as to the fuel composition of the Quark? AR: no

5 – Will he only be testing for thermal output or also electrical? AR: thermal

6 – Will the test be recorded from start to finish on video? AR: no

7 – Will he be writing a paper about the results of the test, positive or negative? AR: no: internal

Q: Is the military engineer the same person who came to see you previously, and who helped you solve the problem with the QuarkX reactors overheating? I recall he was from California. AR: No, this one is another and I work with both of them.

As usual, we have only the report from Rossi here, and we should make of this what we will. This third party testing is apparently only for internal purposes, so we are unlikely to ever see a report come out of this. An internal third-party test from a military engineer could be useful for Leonardo to have on hand for marketing purposes, even if it was made available on an NDA basis.